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Several rules of speech writing

  • Rule №1.
    To know the exact purpose of the performance. Identify  the target audience, its characteristics and preferences. For example, gender, age, income, education, etc.
  • Rule №2.
    You need to know what goals audience pursue, what interesting information they can gather from your speeches. What do audience expect from your online speech?
    Rule №3.
    Sketch a short plan of speech. Highlight the main points that need to cover in your speech.
  • Rule №4.
    Include in the text of the speech examples from literature, history, you can also add a few examples from your  personal life. Also suitable quotes, jokes, etc.
    Rule №5.
    To attract and retain the attention of listeners, it is necessary to demonstrate the performance, in addition to any images, graphics, charts. Because listeners can not only listen but also watch. So, you must add then when writing a speech.
  • Rule  №6.
    Compose it so that the basic, key points repeated. For example, states the same fact or idea in different words.
  • Rule  №7.
    The beginning and the end of the online speech should be “spectacular” .
    Rule № 8.
    It should not be prolonged.
  • Rule  №9.
    Compose it so that at the time it lasted no more than 20 minutes. This time will be sufficient to present the highlights and goals of your speech.
  • Rule №10.
    The final part of speech, it is necessary to summarize and repeat key points. If it is rather difficult for you, you may use speech help.

Here we can tell you how to write a speech

Most articles on speech writing, mainly devoted to aspects of the preparation of the statement made by the speaker, the application of techniques of oratory without practical examples. Speech writing has penetrated into all spheres of our activity. We are taught from childhood to public speaking. First – a matinee with poems, at school – answer at the blackboard, reading reports, abstracts, at the Institute – coursework, thesis, amateur, etc.

At work, without speeches does not pass any meeting or gathering. And if the preparation for the speech is clear, then write the text of speech raises some difficulties. Now, you know several rules how to write a speech.

Speech tips

  1. Divide the text into 3 parts: introduction, main part, conclusion. In the introduction you shall formulate and explain intentions, prepare the “ground” for future performance. Use 2-3 phrases in order to arouse the interest of the audience.
  2. Use complete sentences. The thoughts expressed in full sentences and logically complete, clear listening. Brief suggestions are used to write agitation speeches, built on the logical connection of ideas.
  3. Place the sections and subsections of the text of speech depending on their logical relationship to each other. In other words, you must clearly follow the logic of the presentation of his thoughts. Logically well-formed text as the best audience to digest.
  4. Any thesis of speech writing must be supported by the necessary number of sub-revealing and proving its value, causing the interest of the listener. Avoid complex and obscure speech.
  5. For “revival” of the text of speech, giving it a form of casual conversation, speech writers have resorted to such methods as: permutation, repetition, transitions.

Transitions between the main and sub-theses are needed not only for their relationship, but also to make dynamic speech, sensation of movement. In the speech transitions are expressed by pauses, changes of tone, posture. In writing – words, phrases, etc.

We hope, that these several speech tips will help you.

Our speech writing services may help you to do write a speech. Best writers are waiting for you.

Once said the word can drastically affect the lives of each of us. Word can even kill.

One skill correctly and is available to present their own ideas is not enough to write a speech or to make a report to the conference. Indeed, in this case the text is not just a thought, a particular message signal. There can be a long talk about semiotics, the coded message, the subtext, and more. More details – see the works of Lotman and Bart. But are the steps of the communication process according lotmanovskoy theory can. So, ..

Business, politics, scientific conference … Everywhere need to own the word and be able to draw from the above is not just a message, and some message. And this message is to strengthen the reputation of the speaker, a positive image of the company, organization, or the goods and services in question.

When you need service of speechwriter?

  • write a report
  • write text to a presentation
  • write a speech for public speaking (congratulations, announce, tell)

Before you start writing the text, the specialist should carefully examine the identity of the speaker. In the case of a presentation – its text and structure. You should review the manner of behavior, study the style speaker, a characteristic of speech, expression (even words like parasites “in principle”, “mean”, “Well”). Let a man free to memorize speeches, rather than cramming.

Sometimes, speeche do not need to write to a specific person, but for a number of speakers (for example, when passing any advertising campaign, meant to inform the target audience with the brand, product or close certain services). In this case, a professional will make the text readable for anyone, simple and straightforward.

Speech before being written, to be born in the head speechwriter. He must analyze the target audience and adjust the text also under it. In every profession has its own terminology. However, people will be interested in listening to a simple scientific question. It is important to consider when writing the text of speeches, reports. Also, do not forget about the time, place, for a speech or presentation, possible surprises.

How to write a perfect text for speech, presentations?

  • The ideal size – it for 10-15 minutes. It can also be divided into several stages, and provide students in theaters – waiting. Main goal – not to tire the listener, but to give food for thought.
  • Any text, including speech and presentations, speeches should be based on principles that are laid down by Aristotle in his “Poetics”:-exposure (to begin with the most important or the most unexpected),-middle (development, the very essence, what would tell),-end (the crisis, climax, denouement).
  •  The speaker must constantly communicate with their target audience. That is why it is important to give students the opportunity to get tired, and believe every word. If you are not a worldwide brand, the appeal to the image of his status or simply useless. But what can cause a person to believe in what you’re saying? First of all,
  • -Dates and numbers.
    -Titles of books, excerpts from the works.
    -Show the product or service in action.
    -The history of life, good examples.

Steve Jobs (Apple) to statements often use visual examples. It is this technique makes it an impeccable speech and interesting. From it you can easily pull out an episode, create news. It carries no advertising, but a kind of PR-message, message, which produces text that influences the audience on a “You would not believe! But it is! “.

Additionally, use of logic and appeal to emotion, pathos. The main thing – do not overdo it. Tell me, use metaphors, epithets. Using the same methods of constructing sentences, as in the works of art.

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