Vocational education in Australia

In vocational education issues certificates of levels I-IV, Diplomas and Higher Diplomas. They meet national industry standards and can serve as a basis for work in different areas or for further education.vocational education in Australia

Certificate I: 4-6 months

Certificate 1 prepares you to perform a range of routine and duties. Qualification Certificate 1 includes a variety of work required for the knowledge and skills, including experience of working in a team and the capacity for analytical thinking, and may include a particular job skills, including the team.

Certificate II: 6-8 months

II Certificate Program gives you the knowledge and skills to perform a range of varied activities or knowledge application in a small range of situations with clear boundaries activities. You may have to take some accountability for the quality of your work. Possible areas of activity may include a complex, diverse work upon you personally responsible, as well as team work.

Certificate III: 12 months

Certificate Program III the student acquires a broad, deep and comprehensive knowledge and skills, enabling him to successfully use their education and to adapt quickly in novyhusloviyah. Also be capable of providing technical advice and some leadership in addressing the various issues that the expected complexity and execution.
The student will be able to perform a certain amount of professional tasks, usually as part of wider business operations, using standard techniques and procedures. Holder will exercise discretion and judgment in selecting equipment, services or contingency measures in a limited time frame.  Ability to work in teams including group or team.

Certificate IV: 12-18 months

This certificate program gives you enough deep, wide and comprehensive knowledge and skills necessary for complex work in different situations. It is assumed that you are able to demonstrate leadership and take responsibility for themselves and others, and develop technical solutions in non-routine or contingency nature.
You must be able to perform a set of professional applications including evaluating and analyzing current practices, develop new criteria and procedures for performing such activities. You should not showing leadership, but also to take responsibility for others and demonstrate limited organizational skills.

Diploma: 18-24 months

Some Diplomas are also available in the universities.
The diploma indicates the presence of a graduate-depth knowledge and strong skills required for integrated planning and implementation of new approaches in the field of production, management, evaluation and coordination. Holders capable of self-directed application of knowledge, from knowledge and skills, they require well-informed planning and selecting appropriate equipment, services and technologies. With diploma student can participate in the development of strategic initiatives and take personal responsibility and autonomy in performing complex technical operations or organizing others. Students show good teamwork in solving typical problems and situations requiring planning and analysis. The work can include leadership team or group.