Universities of Australia

Universities Australia is a leader in the Pacific, their qualifications are recognized worldwide. In the universities of the country attended by more than 680 thousand students. List only undergraduate programs include more than 2,000 items.Universities of Australia

  • The largest selection of public and private institutions offer Sydney and Melbourne, the two largest cities in the country. Only in one Sydney and its suburbs are 6 universities. As for the majors, then, for example, only one UNSW offers over 75 different programs in the field of design.
  • The oldest university in the country – University of Sydney – was founded in 1851. Some of the most prestigious universities in the country include the University of New South Wales (University of New South Wales, UNSW), University of Melbourne (University of Melbourne), University of Queensland (University of Queensland) and several others.

Education in Australia for a bachelor’s degree takes three (ordinary degree) go four (honorary) years. Some areas – medicine, dentistry, engineering science – suggest a longer – 4 to 6 years – the period of study.

Recently, a great popularity of the “double degree” – for example, in business and law, information technology and management. In these programs, you need to learn more – 5-6 years. Master’s degree can be obtained in 1-2 years. Doctorate (PhD) – the highest academic qualification – awarded after a thorough study of the theoretical course and perform research. All together, including research, is three years.

Many Australian universities (especially the “new” gain status recently) quite noticeably different from the common European “classical” model. Some of them have the right to assign only a bachelor’s degree and have a small number of departments, which train specialists only the most popular areas – business, accounting, information technology, law, and engineering. Most universities have several campuses: the entire campus in Australia for more than 150.

Feature of the Australian higher education system

– developed sector of remote programs: 10 out of 100 Australian students gain knowledge without leaving home. First degree students graduated from the course remotely, has been given a Queen slendskim University in 1911, and now offer a program of this type are more than 30 universities in the country, including the most prestigious.

For foreign students are preparatory departments (Foundation). They are designed for an average of 24 weeks of training (although there are shorter versions of the so-called Fast-Track) and combine intensive English classes to study more specialized subjects. Successful completion of Foundation guarantees a place in the first year.

Admission to the Foundation carried out twice a year – at the beginning and in the middle of the year. Required for admission to the presence of a high school diploma and a good knowledge of English (at 5.5 points in IELTS and 500 points on the TOEFL).

For admission to an Australian university directly to finish 1-2 year of high school in the country, to pass an English exam (IELTS – with a score of 5.6 points, TOEFL – 550 points) and provide academic information about the attended courses and received assessments.