The advantages of education in the UK

You get an international certificate

British diplomas and certificates are recognized and accepted worldwide. Education received in the UK – a solid foundation for your future and career, guarantee a high salary. Modern training methods, the latest equipment and professional instructors British universities, colleges and schools help you fully realize potential. Teaching quality of UK institutions are famous all over the world, and they are constantly reaffirm their reputation: their programs regularly consists of serious test compliance to the most stringent criteria. Many countries are now trying to follow the example to the UK.

education in the UK

The acquired knowledge will make you a world-class specialists

Against the background of ongoing globalization of the world economy there is a need for specialized knowledge and skills. Companies need employees who are able to make effective, creative and independent decisions. UK institutions pay special attention to the development of these qualities in their students. Through a variety of teaching methods and assessment, students will acquire independent thinking and the ability to deeply and thoroughly know the subject of study.

Graduate students have a lot to read and analyze what they read, openly discuss their views on the workshops and interviews. Professional courses exist in order to prepare you for work in the modern world.

The knowledge gained in the courses of English, will form the basis of your future career. Throughout the world, English is used in business, science, information technology and the Internet. Studying in the UK will allow you to immerse themselves in the language, learn to speak and think in English.

In the UK you can get all knowledge

In the UK there are more than three thousand educational institutions that accept foreign students. Before you open a lot of ways to get education. Given your goals, needs and level of training, you can always choose an appropriate school and training system. On many courses you can study without leaving home.

In the UK, you can always find a course that best suits your inclinations and interests – from programming computer games, ocean engineering, meteorology, music technology and underwater photography to multimedia design, anthropology, the study of women and the family (women’s studies), hotel management and dance .

Study in the UK is interesting and fun

UK – is a multinational country. For many thousands of families from UAE to Australia, it has become a second home to which they brought their culture, customs and traditions. In the UK there are more than a quarter of a million foreign students.

Brits love to have fun and relax. All major cities have a lot of theaters, concert halls and art galleries. Every weekend there are sports competitions, and as pubs and restaurants, then they can be found just everywhere.

UK – is the perfect place to travel

Coming to the UK, you come to four countries – England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Each of them has its own history, culture and nature. They are all located close by, so it was not much effort to attend. By plane, train and bus you can get to anywhere in the UK, so you do not have to rent a car, as it has done in some other countries. Moreover, almost all forms of transport for students have special discounts and offers.

From the UK you can just as easily go traveling to Europe. Train, plane or ferry to take you a few hours in any European city. UK and Europe institutions  have close ties, so you always have the opportunity to work and undergo training in Europe under various exchange programs.

The knowledge gained in the courses of English, will form the basis of your future career. Throughout the world, English is used in business, science, information technology and the Internet. Studying in the UK will allow you to immerse themselves in the language, learn to speak and think in English.

Study in the UK is inexpensive

British program for undergraduate degrees and master’s degrees only last 3 and 1 year, respectively, compared with 4 and 2 years in other countries. Thus, you save on tuition and living expenses, so you can start early to work and earn money. British program for a degree shorter by its intensity and saturation, and therefore more profitable in terms of time, money and efficiency.

Medical aid for international students is usually free. Chances are, you can enjoy all the benefits of the UK health system, including treatment, the concessional prices, dental and eye exams.

UK institutions offer thousands of scholarships and grants for international students. Every year more than 21 thousand people annually receive scholarships from the British government.

Thanks to the new rules, foreign students in the UK are entitled to work up to 24 hours a week while studying and full time during vacations.

The UK offers a warm welcome

Foreign students in the United Kingdom are happy to be in the walls of the educational institutions . You will be provide comprehensive assistance in solving all problems from the time of application – until the end of the learning process.

For example, before you leave at your local branch, the British Council can help you choose the most suitable and interesting for you to rate and complete an application. Through the Commission for admission to universities and colleges (UCAS) you will be able to apply simultaneously to multiple schools. If desired, applications are made, even over the Internet.

Many institutions accepted that their representatives meet you at the airport. Typically, you will provide housing for the first year. In universities and colleges, there are international departments, public international students, a variety of events, there are assistance programs, and serves as special advisor and consultants. All of this is paying off: the number of students expelled from UK institutions, the lowest in the world.

Former graduates of British schools

The list of British educational institutions including leading politicians, thinkers and business people with influence in the world. Among them – the  U.S. President Bill Clinton, South African President Thabo Mbeki, Archbishop and human rights activist Desmond Tutu, a famous fashion designer Rifat Ozbek, the Nigerian writer and Nobel Prize winner for literature Wole Soyinka, the founder of the corporation easy Group Stelios Haji-Ioannou and the former captain of the national team Pakistani cricket, now popular politician Imran Khan.

International recognition.

British scientists and institutions received 90 Nobel Prizes for scientific achievement. British artistic elite – scientists, designers and programmers – are considered one of the best in the world. They bring an annual income of 112 billion pounds.

International culture.

Perhaps you have long felt the influence of British culture in music, film and television. Now you have a chance to be a part of it. Do not forget the UK – is the home of Robbie Williams, Randy Travis, Dido, Radiohead, Michael Owen, David Beckham, Jude Law, Joseph Fiennes and Kate Winslet.