TAFE in Australia

The system of post-secondary education in Australia (Tertiary system) include universities and vocational training institutions sector. The vast majority of it – public colleges TAFE (Training and Further Education), where more than a million students, of whom 41,000 – foreigners.

TAFE in Australia

Public Colleges in Australia

Public Colleges Australia united in TAFE (Technical and Further Education) are considered higher quality, so a profession in the public school is no less prestigious than the university. Education in Australian college has a clear practical orientation. For a variety of disciplines can apply for an internship (sometimes paid).

It is a clear professional and practical orientation course provides employability after TAFE. Depending on the duration of the program, students will receive a certificate (I, II, III, IV degree) or diploma – conventional or advanced level (advanced). Duration of training for this certification is 12-52 weeks. During this time, students receive the necessary training to engage in professional activities for junior positions. The award is issued after an average of 1.5 – 2 years of training, advanced diploma – after 2.5 – 3 years of training. The diploma allows you to look for work in managerial positions of middle management.

Australian colleges feature is that their students have the opportunity to pass without examination from one program to another. For example, you can enroll in college courses, then transfer to a professional program leading to the degree of obtaining a certificate II.

Next – Certificate II, III, IV degree. Those who want to learn more, waiting for a program leading to a diploma, and then – a bachelor’s degree. In this case, it is possible to transfer to the second or even third year of university partner. Thus, the professional program in college – it’s one of the ways the university. Many colleges do not only have agreements with universities, and even placed in their campuses.

Education in TAFE is very different from high school or university. Unlike universities offering courses a variety of educational and Applied Sciences, TAFE training involves a specific profession. Employability of graduates TAFE almost close to 100%. In Australia, there are about 90 educational institutes of TAFE.