System of Australian Qualifications

The structure of education in Australia is different from that used in many other countries, cause of the presence of Australian Qualifications System (Australian Qualification Framework, AQF). AQF qualifications comprises 15 school, vocational and university education into the national system.

Australian Qualifications

System AQF makes it easy to move from one level of education to the next and from one institution to another, allowing  flexible career choices. All AQF qualifications  help you prepare for further education as well as practical work.

If you are enrolled in the program, relevant qualifications AQF, you can be sure that your school is accredited by a national government, and your degree (or other qualification AQF) is genuine.

Thanks AQF your qualification will be recognized all over the world. For employers in other countries, it means world-class education in a modern, democratic and technologically advanced society.

Recognition of educational attainment in Australia

Recognition of educational attainment (RPL) – an important part of AQF. Simply put, if you have the skills or knowledge to enter the training program or continue studies on it, but they are not documented, you can go through a personal certification, the results of which your knowledge and skills can be utilized for training.

Although all schools recognize a system AQF, each has its own rules regarding RPL.

Certificate of graduation

Senior Secondary Certificate of Education- last two years at school

Some schools also issue certificates of levels I-IV or a certificate of participation in the program.

The school curriculum includes a variety of academic and professional disciplines that prepare students for entry to university for further professional education or to enter the workforce. The educational process consists of lessons with a teacher in the classroom, many written tests, formal examinations, and may include the current verification tasks. Depending on the specifics of the program, it may also include practical exercises, checking understanding of the material, as well as gaming, research, laboratory work, and learning in a group.

In Australia, international students can get an education on the curriculum at every level, but the system only considers AQF certificate of secondary education, which is issued to students who choose to continue their studies after compulsory education. Some secondary schools prepare students to pass the test of the international standard, including the International Baccalaureate (International Baccalaureate).

Certificate of secondary education has other names, depending on in which state or territory in which the school is located.