Student life in Austria

Austria is among the European countries with the highest standard of living and the same high prices. On average, student leaves € 400-700 a month. Life in Austria


Undoubtedly, the most economical students will stay in the school hostel (€ 200-350 per month). Attractive and rent a large apartment, if you shoot it with fellow students.

However, to obtain a dorm room may have some difficulty. Need to pre-book your place and start living in it can only be the beginning of the semester. Otherwise, it will have to seek refuge in another place. Another important fact – the security deposit (from € 180) for services rendered by the institution housing (furniture, dishes, etc.). But it is returned to you on departure from this room.


Monthly on a food at students studying in Austria, takes about € 200. In order to somehow save, you can prepare your own self in the kitchen dormitory. Do not forget about the existence of a student cafe on campus.

Of course, you will have additional expenses: travel in transport – € 100 (in Austria has a system of discounts for the use of public transit for students under 26 years of age), health insurance, – € 60, plus money for learning materials, clothing and pocket money.

Part-time work while studying

If you’re having financial difficulties, you can earn while studying. For this you need to get official permission to work in the departments dealing with foreign nationals. Specifically, the work in Austria – seasonal. Summer bothering to fame in a cafe where your salary will be € 5-10 per hour, you can easy to learn and to live, not what does not refusing, the entire school year.


Austria – the birthplace of such famous composers as Beethoven, Brahms, Mozart, Schubert, Strauss (father and son), writer Zweig and others. And being here, you get a unique opportunity to enrich your inner world of the culture of this country. Austrian universities largely help you in this. They offer students numerous discounts on tickets to museums, theaters, exhibitions and many other cultural events