Secondary schools in Canada

Secondary schools in Canada are divided into 4 types:

  • Private day schools
  • Private schools – boarding
  • Church school
  • Public Schools

Private day schools of Canada

Many Canadians who can pay for your child’s education at a private day school, choose just this way. This is mainly due to the fact that these institutions offer excellent preparation for university study in which provides small classes (12-15), good relationships between students and teachers, great opportunities for sports and other outdoor activities.Secondary schools

Private schools – boarding Canada

Canadian schools – boarding considered elite, so they learn to children from all over the country and from abroad. They provide excellent opportunities for international students to study and enjoy her activities (sports, music, dance, etc.). Accommodation is provided on the basis of the school that allows teachers and facilitators to monitor the learning process and, if necessary, help students. One of the differences of private day schools from schools – boarding is that by learning to day school, students stay in the Canadian family, and not on campus.

Parish Schools of Canada

Parish Schools of Canada operate under the auspices of Catholic and other religious communities. Accordingly, the requirements for the level of training, student behavior and morale is very high. Also here as additional subjects students study religious subjects.

Public Schools of Canada

Public schools in Canada are very popular. Here they are almost completely protected by state and financed him. Public schools tend to be characterized, lower tuition fees and education program that is different from the programs of private schools. However, the quality of education of Canadian public and private schools at the same level because of the high level of public funding first.

Public schools are in compulsory general secondary education, and publicly funded. Education in these schools is not free, but tuition fees are lower than in private schools.

In contrast to the private – public schools are guided only by the program, recommended by the Ministry of Education of the province. Education is on the program “General Level” and “Advanced Level”. “Advanced Level” is preferred by those who intend to go to university.

Canadian schools are divided into two semester (semester 1 = 5 months), and three semester (semester 1 = 3 months). For example, it is convenient for those who are going to come for just one or two semesters. So, get a place at a state school is much easier than in private, where enrollment is held once per academic year, and in rare cases, for six months. At the end of each semester, take exams. Classes in Canadian public schools start in September and lasts until June. The wearing of school uniform is usually not required. Accommodation is organized in families.

The following is an age in the Canadian education system:

  • 12 years: grade 7 (elementary school)
  • 13 years: grade 8 (elementary school)
  • 14 years: grade 9 (high school)
  • 15 years: grade 10 (high school)
  • 16 years: grade 11 (high school)
  • 17 years: grade 12 (high school)

Since training is conducted in English, the language level should be good enough. All the schools provide training courses (ESL), paid extra.