Secondary education in Austria

Secondary education in Austria starts from the age of six and lasts for 9 years. First four years, children are engaged in the primary school (Volksschule). At the end of they choose one of the two types of schools: primary – (Hauptschule), where they learn another five years, or an average comprehensive in which they learn eight years.Secondary education in Austria

You can also go to a more prestigious school (Allgemeinbildende Hoehere Schule, AHS / Gymnasium), but it is not easy – there were only about 320 schools with an enrollment of 360 thousand students.

Education in Hauptschule focused on further professional education, although capable the students to go to school. Mathematics, German and foreign languages ​​are studied at three levels of the program. Only the study of these disciplines at the highest level gives the right to continue education at the school.

Gymnasium (classical and real) – a more prestigious school type, the end of which gives the right to enter the university. When the similarity of curricula teaching high school in a more fundamentally, many hours are devoted to the study of modern foreign languages ​​and classical.

Austrian private schools

An alternative to public schools are private, so-called “free” schools. Well represented Waldorf schools, based on the concept of teaching the doctrine which Rudolf Steiner on education free personality development of creativity, “wake up” the hidden natural inclinations. Large role in the programs of these schools play the aesthetic education of children.

Academic year runs from October to June.