Part-time education in the UK

It may not occur to seriously consider distance education as a way of earning a degree or higher qualification. However, this form of training is becoming more popular, and being progressive and the most accessible, is developing rapidly. Distance learning programs offer an efficient, cost-effective and convenient method of improving education.

At the heart of distance learning programs is the principle of autonomy. Some courses (eg, part-time program at the University of London) allow students to build learning on your own. Curricula of other high schools, such as the Open University, are flexible and well-structured. Usually, students take home, based on a number of specially designed educational packages. Teachers are available by mail or e-mail. For the purpose of distance education are usedtelevision, video, Internet. Courses are ready to obtain qualifications that meet national and international standards, so you need to find out whether you received qualification recognized in your country. Some correspondence schools still require at least a brief training at a university or other educational centers in the UK.

More than 50 universities offer distance learning programs of post-graduate training. The greatest demand is for courses of commerce, law, natural sciences and engineering, and medicine. At the British Council, you can get the necessary information about distance education, curriculum, duration of study, teaching methods and amount of payment.

The cost of MBA courses can vary from 6,000 to 28,000 pounds per year, but more often than not kept in the range of 8,000 to 15,000 pounds. More information can be obtained from reference books “The Association of MBAs Guide to Business schools” or “Business Schools directory”.

Universities of distance education

Correspondence University of London offers high standards of training. There are undergraduate and post-graduate courses. Diploma can be a minimum of three years, maximum – six. Postgraduate training continues for at least two and not more than five years.

University of London offers no clearly defined program. The system of communication or consultation, as opposed to the Open University, is not practiced. Using the provided teaching materials, students organize their studies at their discretion. Some are preparing for exams only on their own, others are of the training programs designed by London University or other colleges and universities. More information can be obtained from the University of London by correspondence.

National College of Further Education offers more than 150 courses leading to a degree, “A-levels”, secondary and vocational education. These courses are popular with international students. They can do at any time, individual advisory assistance for the duration of training.

The Open University offers distance learning courses in the MBA program for international students. Founded in 1969, the Open University in the present – the largest UK university, where both trains about 150 thousand students. He is recognized worldwide for its high level of training, the effectiveness of part-time training methods.