Training course for master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA)

In recent years, notably in the UK has increased a popularity of professional manager. Especially large number of students studying for their master’s degree in Business Administration (MBA) – each year it is received more than 8000 students.

There are two main types of MBA courses, general and special, although their structure is basically the same. General MBA course consists of three parts. The first provides students with the basic knowledge needed for business (marketing, human resources, information systems, financial and management reporting, etc.). The second part allows students to choose the most interesting things and concentrate on them (as a rule, they are the basis for future professional specialization). The third and final part of the course MBA – a project that students carry out collectively. This is either a solution of administrative problems, or project management – and then write the work, summarizing the experience. Special MBA courses have the same structure, but, being narrower thematically, they are designed for students who have mastered the theory and basic business. Areas of specialization – finance, marketing, management of the public sector of the economy, etc.

Almost all universities in the UK offer MBA courses, but different forms of learning.

Program full-time course is designed primarily for a year, at least – by two. Due to the large volume of the material under study full-time courses are intensive and time-consuming. Learning  usually takes at least two years, classes are held in the evenings or on weekends. During the in-service training of the student is obliged once a semester to highlight the “business days” – about a week, during which classes are visited daily.

There are also so-called “modular” and “administrative” MBA courses when the course is divided into separate units of full-time training. Training material then being developed individually, the intervals between periods of study may be extended.

“Modular” and “administrative” MBA courses are intended primarily for those who are on manag positions, for whom long-term absence from work is impossible. The entrance requirements for MBA courses to some extent depend on the school that organizes them. As a rule, it is preferable to have a first degree level (bachelor’s degree) and at least two years of work experience.

However, with five years of experience in senior administrative positions you can be taken at the MBA courses without sufficient academic qualification. In most cases, candidates also have to pass an entrance test in Management (General Management Admission Test, GMAT) and score at least 500 points. However, not all schools use GMAT for this purpose: there developed even like him, but their own examination papers.

Applicants whose native language is not English must take the exam IELTS, having not less than 6.5 points. Since MBA courses belong to the post-graduate programs of training, receiving the application is submitted directly to the schools.

The cost of MBA courses can vary from 6,000 to 28,000 pounds per year.