Learning Chinese in China

China – one of the most rapidly developing countries. The growth of industrial production and the economy makes the highest demands on modern Chinese education. Educational programs of Chinese government aimed the improving the quality of teaching and to achieve this objective in the education sector pouring huge investment.Learning Chinese

China considers the dynamics of the development of its economy and the activity of the Europe-Chinese contacts in the business world. So the study of the Chinese language – is not only fashion, but also a chance to get a good job. According to various estimates, China has already trained 2-2.5 thousand of European students.

Almost every major city in China has universities and language schools, which educate foreigners. Choice of place of study depends primarily on the goals ahead. If you speak the Chinese language and would like to increase the level – it makes sense to go for an in-depth study of language courses, want to learn the language “from scratch” – go on a course for beginners. Teaching in the 99% is generally accepted in China for the Beijing dialect – “Mandarin”. It is quite another thing, if you want to learn some of the dialects of the Chinese language. In this case to learn the Shanghai dialect you should study in Shanghai, Guangdong dialect (“bayhua”) – to go to Guangzhou, etc. In any case: the goals and tasks of different people always differ.

Training programs in China have no fundamental differences from the training, for example, in England. Chinese language courses in China also consist of twenty or thirty lessons per week in a group, and a very interesting cultural program, so they are suitable not only serious-minded business people and employees of international companies who need English in their daily work, but also to people for whom learning China – a great opportunity not only to witness the ancient capital of Xi’an,  but also to apply to practice the skills in the language school.