Language Schools of Canada

Canada is one of the largest country by area of ​​the world. It is considered one of the most peaceful, politically stable and safe country to live. Beautiful landscapes, lakes and mountains of Canada, Niagara Falls, Pacific attract both tourists and students from around the world. Constitution of Canada has two official languages ​​of Canada – English and French. Historically, the country has a lot of experience in teaching English and French as a foreign language, which also is caused by interest in education in Canada.Language schools in Canada

Indeed, many people choose to study English in Canada, because there is a large selection of quality schools ESL (English as a Second Language), both public and private.
This is due to the fact that in the course of its history Canada has a large number of immigrants in need of quick and quality English language proficiency, so the country is sufficiently large number of qualified teachers with experience in teaching English as a foreign language. Besides training courses in Canada are cheaper than in other English-speaking countries.

Language schools in Canada offer both standard (general English, business English, professional programs), as well as specialized courses tailored to the specific needs of students. Almost all schools have the course “English for Academic Purposes” (EAP), focused on students from abroad.

Almost every university and community college operates its own program ESL. It is advisable to enroll in the university is where you are going to do. Reception at private language schools in Canada is open all year and the program at any level.

In addition to the language centers for the study of English as a foreign language in Canada, there are centers of learning French as a foreign language (French as a Second Language, FSL). Last mainly concentrated in the province of Quebec.

One of the most interesting in terms of learning English in Canada is a language school ILAC, based in Vancouver and Toronto. Excellent accommodation, coupled with quality  English as a make school more attractive for foreign students from all over the world. ILAC schools known for high academic standards and strong educational programs. For best results, curriculum programs can be adapted to individual needs and desires of the student. Depending on further goals the student may continue to the academic programs at the university or a successful career in the business world.