Language courses in Ireland

Ireland is a country of myths and legends, attracted by its rich historical heritage, literature, music and national dances, as well as the beauty of nature – the undulating mountains, numerous lakes, picturesque countryside, sandy beaches and ancient castles.

Extremely popular sports such as golf, football, rugby, cricket, tennis, horseback riding, water sports. Deserve special words people themselves – hospitable, welcoming, ready for friendly communication people. In Ireland, everyone can find something for everyone – whether it’s theatre, a concert of traditional and contemporary music, a good pint of Guinness at the fireplace in the old, cozy pub, walk on the luxurious Emerald Island (Emerald Isle), or just the contemplation of nature – the stunning landscape of rugged mountains east coast .

Types of language schools in Ireland

Ireland began to carry out a systematic policy to attract foreign students 20 years ago, but has already achieved in this way considerable success: every year to learn English and further education in Ireland come over 100 000 students, mostly from Western Europe. More and more students after the language course enter higher education. Learning English in Ireland is regulated by the Ministry of Education and Science through the Advisory Council of English Language Schools (ACELS), many language schools form the Association of Accredited Language Schools in Ireland (Recognized EnglishLanguage Schools Association, she is MEI ~ RELSA.

There are different types of language schools and courses in Ireland formats – from small private schools (family run schools) and English language teacher in the family – to the language centers in universities. All schools offer a variety of entertainment options, the most popular – riding and Irish folk dances.

Atlantic Language Galway school

Atlantic Language Galway is a language school, has been successfully operating since 1993. The high level of teaching in Atlantic Language Galway confirmed by the Ministry of Education and Science of Ireland, the Advisory Board on English language schools (Advisory Council for English Language Schools, ACELS), the Irish Association of MEI ~ RELSA (Marketing English in Ireland ~ Recognized English Language Schools Association), Commerce Galway Chamber of Commerce, etc.

LSI Atlantic Language Galway is located on the second floor of a modern building Fairgreen House, located in the “heart” of Galway, a short walk from the bus and train station and close to the Citylink, where buses come from Dublin and Shannon airports.

Did you know that …

– The national symbol of Ireland – shamrock. According to legend, an Irish missionary St. Patrick with this plant explained the Christian doctrine of the Trinity, the unity of the “Father, Son and Holy Spirit.”
– Ireland is known for a serious approach to the issues of religion and morality. Country  legalized divorce only in 1995.
– In terms of quality of life, Ireland ranks 4th in the world. For information: 1st place belongs to Norway,  2nd – Iceland, 3rd – Australia.