HSK exams

HSK (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi, Hanyu Shuypin Kaoshi, 汉语 水平 考试) –  is a state exam to certify proficiency in Chinese language by non-native Chinese, including foreigners, overseas Chinese (Huaqiao) and representatives of national minorities.HSK exams

The exam is designed to test the examinees if they possess skills to use the Chinese language – the study of the Chinese language in schools, at work in government agencies, enterprises and other organizations.

“HSK” – is in fact a “TOEFL” in the Chinese language

HSK – an abbreviation of the name of the exam with the Chinese Pinyin Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi. Currently HSK includes a series of tests:

  • HSK (basic level)
  • HSK (Elementary and secondary level)
  • HSK (the highest level), HSK (for children)
  • HSK (for Business)
  • HSK (for secretarial affairs)
  • HSK (for tourism)

A series of examinations to fully satisfy the needs of the whole world to test knowledge of Chinese. HSK (basic level), HSK (Elementary and secondary level), HSK (the highest level) are tiered exams and are used to test the level of knowledge of Chinese students.

The test results provide a reference base for interested institutions and organizations, selected people to work. HSK (for children) is designed to test knowledge of Chinese children under the age of 15 years.

Exam HSK (for business), the exam HSK (for the scorer of the case), the exam HSK (for Tourism) together comprise a series of examinations to test professional level of Chinese language and mainly serve basis reference for relevant profiles in the recruitment, selection, training of stakeholders . Exam HSK (Elementary and secondary level) exam HSK (the highest level) are the main exams HSK, and exam HSK (for business), the exam HSK (for the scorer of the case), the exam HSK (for Tourism) – special.

Special developed basic HSK exams meet the needs of the Chinese language in the world, and the needs of various exams persons.

For the part of foreigners certificate “HSK” has become the key to employment. For example, the decision of the government of the Republic of Korea, the citizens can be enrolled in the state employees only after the date of either “HSK”, or “TOEFL” or “IELTS”. Employment in companies, citizens of the Republic of Kazakhstan is also necessary to take the exam in Chinese language.

NSK exam was introduced in 1992. Now in 37 countries and regions of the world students are receiving 160 exam, the exam can also take in 35 cities of China.

HSK exam passes in the form of tests, assignments which are divided into several parts: listening, vocabulary, grammar, reading.