Higher education in Latvia

Higher education in Latvia is available at the college or high school. Access to higher education in Latvia is open to all holders of certificates of receipt of complete secondary education. However, the universities admission requirements determined according to the number of applications received. This may be the entrance exams in one or more subjects of profile (but not more than 4), the contest passports with an emphasis on majors or interviews. Applicants that have not been successful for admission to the places financed by the State may be taken on a contract basis. The country has completed the process of introducing centralized state exams in high school.

Colleges in Latvia

College (koledza) – this is the highest level of educational institution that implements the educational programs of the first level professional higher education.

Program first level professional higher education in Latvia offer learns the profession: bankers, entrepreneurs, information technology specialists, paralegals, engineers and technicians. The duration of study after secondary education – 2-3 years. These programs are for higher education “non-university” and are mainly aimed at obtaining professional knowledge and skills. But no study, no further work is not related to the research work.

Acquired qualification corresponds to the fourth level of professional qualifications: training, making it possible to perform hard work in a changing situation, to take responsibility for the allocation of resources, to organize and supervise the work of other professionals and / or workers.

High Schools in Latvia

High school (augstskola) – an educational institution of the higher level of program of professional higher education and second-level academic higher education.

Upon completion of the program of professional higher education in Latvia tier awarded fifth level professional qualification. This is the highest qualification that gives an opportunity to analyze and make decisions, design and / or plan, organize, direct, control, and / or conduct research work. Usually with professional qualifications you get a bachelor’s degree.

These programs are equal for higher education, “university type.” They focus on the scientific education and research, so basically offer programs of academic education and related professional programs.

Professional programs of higher education are entitled to professional qualifications, as well as a professional bachelor’s degree. Give this degree, if the duration of full-time training is a minimum of 4 years.

Academic higher education program gives the right to receive a bachelor’s degree in 3-4 years. After receiving a bachelor’s degree can continue their studies at degree or professional educational program of the university.

Education for the academic program is 1-2 years to obtain a degree in a total of 5-6 years are needed. The duration of the professional education program after earning a bachelor’s – 1-2 years.

Postgraduate program. Master’s degree gives the right to continue their studies in doctoral studies, which lasts 3-4 years.

To get an education in Latvia you do not have to learn the Latvian language. It’s enough to apply to the School of Business Turiba – education in English here, and the level of teaching and the quality of education is no different from all the other schools of Latvia.