Further and Higher education in the UK (F & HE)

Educational institutions of further and higher education in the UK (F & HE)

Schools, working with students older than 16 years  refer to a system of Further and Higher Education (Further and Higher Education, F & HE). Conditionally (because the boundary gradually eroded) can be divided into two groups.

Schools offer further education, usually secondary education. They offer a wide range of training programs designed in such a way as to meet the needs and interests of the students of any age. It  ‘colleges for adults,  “schools under the jurisdiction of local municipalities, many specialized institutions – such as the London College of Printing.

Certificate of completion of education further education (GNVQ / NVQ) is recognized throughout the country and employers, schools and universities, so that you can then continue studies at the university. In addition, here you can get a secondary education advanced level exams –  “A-levels ” and even get a degree, confirmed by a local university.

If your choose college it is necessary to check whether it is accredited by the British Accreditation Council (British Accreditation Council, EAC). The British Council has all the necessary information in this regard.

Institutions of higher education. Attending a university or an appropriately accredited institution of higher education may, you get a diploma of professional qualification and a degree.

The obvious advantage of UK education system is its exceptional flexibility. Among the many types of courses there is always one that is best for you. And at school, and the university has the discretion to choose the subjects and specialization. What’s more – if you want your items and the direction can be changed. Regardless of age, nationality and religion to study in UK schools anyone can. Need only meet the requirements of all those entering.