Exams in UK

The International System of English test (International English Language Testing System, IELTS)

This test is designed for those who want to study at the secondary and high schools in the UK. Prepare and submit such a test is possible  in the offices of the British Council. Each school sets for foreign students certain passing score on the English language. Usually 6 – 7.5 is considered a good result, but still need to find out in advance what is the pass mark in your chosen institution. The result of the examination is valid for two years.

Cambridge exams

The UK operates a large number of examination boards. One of the most famous – Examination Board Cambridge University (University of Cambridge Local Examination Syndicate – UCLES), founded in 1858. Currently, it is one of the leading agencies in the world to assess the level of language training students. Certificates issued by the UCLES, valid throughout life, they are found without exception UK institutions as well as companies and employers around the world. These exams are known as the “Cambridge”.

Key English Test (Key English Test, KET) – the first level of the Cambridge exams

This is a test of basic skills in reading, writing, listening (listening comprehension) and speaking. Pass an exam – a good start for those who plan to improve their language further.

Preparatory English test (Preliminary English Test, PET) – the second level Cambridge exams

The level of complexity is the next after the “core” exam. The main focus is on the ability of students to “survive” in the context of an English-speaking environment, in a variety of domestic and office situations. The examinations can be taken everywhere in March, May, twice in June, November and December.

Cambridge First Certificate (First Certificate in English, FCE) – FCE third level

Is recognized in the industrial and commercial areas. For example, it is necessary for all those who work with people: experts in public relations, secretary, airline employees, services, etc. Relevant English language requirements for applicants to consider some departments of universities, colleges and other institutions. Exams can be taken everywhere in March, June and December.

Cambridge Advanced Certificate (Certificate in Advanced English, CAE) – the fourth level of the Cambridge exams

Indicates a high sufficient for professional and educational purposes language proficiency level. Recognized by the majority of universities and institutions of higher education meeting the requirements of the UK as in English for applicants. This exam is conducted everywhere in the UK and abroad, in June and December.

Cambridge certificate of proficiency in English (Certificate of Proficiency in English, CPE) – the fifth level of the Cambridge exams

This is the latest and very difficult exam. Having passed it, you get the paper on a level of language training, which will open the door to any university in any organization the English-speaking world. The examination is held all over the place in June and December.

Certificate of proficiency in business English (Business English Certificate, WT)

A series of examinations in Business English is divided into three levels: the “weight-1” – the initial level, “WEIGHT-2” – Medium, “WEIGHT-3” – advanced. Conditions are simulated in the classroom activities in the field of international business, but the challenge of the course – the development of language, rather than professional skills. Exams can be taken six times a year all over the place in February, April, May, July, September and November.

Cambridge English exam for teachers (Cambridge Examination in English for Language Teachers, CEELT)

Designed to assess the knowledge of the English language teachers whose native language – not English. Carried out at two levels: the first corresponds to the Cambridge exam in the third level, and the second – the fifth level Cambridge exams. Also assessed the language skills needed to work in the classroom and methodical preparation.