Higher Education in India

Ranking of the best universities in the country

  • University of Calcutta
  • University of Bombay
  • Rajasthani University
  • Delhi University
  • MK University Gandhi

Since time immemorial, India has been the educational center. Thousands of years ago, the great scientists were taught by the scriptures.higher education in India

There has been teaching, and create masterpieces on such diverse subjects as philosophy, religion, medicine, literature, drama, art, astrology, mathematics and sociology. Under the influence of Buddhist education was available to almost anyone who wanted to learn, and some monasteries have become a world-famous educational centers like Nalanda, Vikramshila and Takshashila. Nalanda was able to put in the walls about 10 thousand students and teachers, including scientists from China, Sri Lanka, Korea and other countries.

Today, higher education in India consists of  universities and research institutes, which make a significant contribution to knowledge transfer in the field of science and technology. In such traditional areas as the arts and humanities, applied physics and chemistry, mathematics and technology universities and institutions play a key role in transforming the country into a modern industrial, technologically advanced state. Green revolution and the incredible progress in milk production on the one hand make India a major agricultural country, on the other hand its development of space technologies, manufacture and launch its own satellites, the development of peaceful nuclear energy pushed India into the ranks of the first technologically advanced countries to developing countries.

Indian universities and research institutions deliver information to Indian students and scientists about their needs and goals. The centers also promote cooperation and friendship with students from other developing countries, where there are no good opportunities for higher education and research. In addition, foreign students attracted to the high quality of Indian higher education at competitive prices.

Modern education in India evolved as a system of education after the state independence. In India, there are about 200 universities. Among them, 16 are central universities, and others operate in accordance with state regulations. The total number of colleges in the country is 10,555.

Among the universities there are small (about 1-3 thousand students) and the Giants (over 100,000 students). There are universities with one specialty and one faculty, and there are many universities which have several faculties.