Education in China

Benefits of Education in China:

  • Learn the Oriental languages ​​is extremely fashionable. Especially as the big Asian countries – China, Japan – our neighbors, and their influence in the world is increasing every year. So that the study of the eastern side – is not only fashion, but also a chance to get a good job.
  • Education in China is inexpensive – less than $ 2000 a year. This amount includes payment for accommodation on campus.
  • Each university – an extensive library, where you can find ancient manuscripts, and the most modern scientific work, the latest magazines from many countries.

Institutions of higher education in China

education in chinaThe number of higher education institutions in China is quite large – more than a hundred. Nature of education in Chinese universities is largely explains the phenomenon of modern China, more and more loudly assert itself in various fields of science.

Although all schools in China are state. Universities are different by courses and teaching methods. Unlike the majority of European and American universities, where one school can teach hundreds of different specialties, Chinese universities have specialization. There are technical, educational, linguistic, and other institutions. There are courses, which, along with the language being taught geography and economics. At some universities there are courses focusing on the local dialect, agriculture, archeology, and demography. The universities that train politicians and businessmen, more time given to practice skills of speech, pronunciation and writing. In some universities can learn Japanese and learn optional features of translation from Chinese to other Asian languages.

Each university has its advantages. Beijing is the largest university with many departments of the richest and technical base. It is located in one of the most beautiful parks in China, close to the historic landmark – Ruins of Summer Palace.

For those who want to combine business with pleasure and spend time in the popular tourist center, we recommend choosing Guangxi Normal University.

Located in the heart of the country, at the foot of Shintsy, Sichuan University – an ideal place for a quiet and focused study. However, the old methods of teaching it blends with modern living conditions of students. The campus – room for two people with all amenities, air conditioning, telephone, TV.

And the most beautiful and unique landscape, of course, in the city of Dalian, in the southern part of the Liaodong Peninsula. Here, at the foot of the mountains, on the beach you can learn the Chinese language, its ancient writings and ancient literature. The university students are required to Dalian gymnastics (Wushu) and literary creation. In two other schools modern subjects are taught well – international trade, law, finance and the economy is very strong faculty of Dalian Medical University.