Colleges Of Australia

Australian College provides training on a wide range of areas. Colleges are divided into public and private. State, united in TAFE (Technical and Further Education), are considered more prestigious.colleges of Australia

A typical set of proposals includes college programs in

  • management
  • marketing
  • accounting
  • information technology,
  • secretarial business,
  • design
  • tourism
  • and hotel management.

Education has a clear practical orientation. For a variety of disciplines can apply for an internship (usually paid). Average class size – 15.

Depending on the duration of the training you will receive a certificate (I, II, III or IV degree) or diploma – conventional or advanced level (advanced). Duration of training for this certification is 12-52 weeks. During this time, students receive the necessary training to engage in professional activities for junior positions (for example, work in a restaurant or bar). The award is issued after an average of 1.5-2 years of study, advanced diploma – after 2.5-3 years of study. The latter allows you to look for work in managerial positions of middle management.

Australian colleges feature

is that their students have the opportunity to pass without examination from one program to another. For example, you can enroll in college courses, then transfer to a professional program leading to the degree of obtaining a certificate II. Then – get certificates II, III, IV degree. Those who want to learn more, waiting for a program leading to a diploma, and then – a bachelor’s degree. In this case, it is possible to transfer to the second or even third year of university partner. Thus, the professional program in college – one of the ways to Universities Australia.

Separate species colleges – is specialized schools tourism and hotel management. There is specific training for hotels, restaurants, travel agencies. Schools offer training, a clear focus on skills and providing a significant amount of practical work. Practice students are working in hotels, and often receive for their labor remuneration.

Admission requirements

certificate of secondary education, the age of 18 years, English at a level of 500 to 550 points on the TOEFL test and 5.0-6.0 points in IELTS. Colleges with Department of English, can take applicants with lower levels (eg, 530 or even 500 points in TOEFL), and only then, in the course of intensive English lessons more quickly bring their knowledge up to the required level.