Choosing a college or university in UK.


Information Service ECCTIS + offers a CD containing accurate information on all the courses of higher education in the UK. This program allows you to search by subject, location, method of study and institution.

You may find that a dozen different schools offering the same course. Note that the depth of coverage of theoretical discipline in the programs of different universities may vary. If the same rate somewhere fit in a shortened term, ask, does the program all you need partitions.

Perhaps the most important criterion for choosing a specialty – whether it Like you. The fact that the method of teaching in the UK is that the responsibility for learning success largely rests with the student. The entire research work, the lion’s share of a university course, performed independently, and therefore need a lot of work. Without enthusiasm is not enough. Choosing a majors “not in love”, but for reasons of prestige, you run the risk of failure – then the course is complex and attractive for you can be a great intellectual stimulus. Living conditions, which are provided by the university, is as important as his proposed curriculum. Choosing a place to study, pay attention to the following:

Does the institution own home? If yes, are guaranteed a place for international students?

Does your school library? Library – is the heart of the university. If it is poorly equipped, will take time and money to get the required book through the inter-university library service. In the old universities for many years of collected a lot of books, a new more modern foundations have applied orientation.

Is there a school for sports facilities? If not, can I use the ones that are close by?

Is there a career guidance course for beginners? He paid or free?