Language schools in Malta


Language schools in Malta

ESE – EUROPEAN SCHOOL OF ENGLISH This language school for adults is located in the heart of the town of St. Julian’s. School building with a blooming garden on the roof has ¬ GOVERNMENTAL modern, air-conditioned classrooms, an internet cafe, book a magician ¬ zinchikom restaurant, cafe with terrace, video halls, sun terrace. Next to the school – a lot of banks, shops, restaurants, coffee, movie theaters. Age – 17 + /, accommodation – family residences, hotels, apartments and guest houses.
Standard course (20/30 lessons> Intensive Course (20 lessons general course individuapnyh + 1 0), Mini-classes (30 lessons in groups of up to six people). Individual rate (10/30 lessons on the individual program), Business Course (20 lessons)
IELS – Institute of English Language Studies School was founded in 1936, is a member of the National Association FELTOM (Federation organizations, teaching English in Malta} and is part of the LAL – an international organization of language schools, scattered across three continents. IELS main building with modern classrooms, a cafeteria and bookshop is located in central Sliema.

Age – 18 + /, accommodation – family hotels.
Standard Course (10 lessons) standard course + “one on one” (20 uro Cove general course + 10 individual), intensive course in small groups <30 lessons in groups of up to six people> course in small groups plus “one one “(20 mini-gruppah4 10 individual),” face to face “(10 to 40 lessons), Business Course (20 lessons, up to five people in the group), exam preparation courses Cambridge, IELTS (30 lessons )
INLINGUA MALTA School Inhngua Malta has existed for over 20 years, it is located in one of the most popular resorts of Sliema, located a stone’s throw from the sea and 20 minutes from Malta International Airport. Classes are taught in small classes – no more than 10 students, selected according to their age and level of English. The convenient location allows students in their free time to take advantage of the seaside resort.

Age – 5-12, 13 + /, accommodation – family residence.
Courses for children (1 5/20 lessons), private lessons (10) / 18 + / family residence, hotels. Standard Course (15/20/30 lessons) bianes-course (20/30 lessons), semi-intensive course (20 group lessons to three> Intensive course in small groups of up to six people (30 lessons>, private lessons ( 30/40 lessons), Exam Preparation Courses Cambridge! IELTS (six weeks) Expedited Professional program for senior management personnel (25/35/45 lessons)
SPRACHCAFFE INTERNATIONAL LANGUAGES PLUS Maltese This school is part of the international language group 5prachcaffe International Languages ​​Plus, which has 15 training centers in different parts of the world. Sprachcaffe combines network of language schools with the original educational method. School located in Malta, is in a quiet area of ​​the town of St. Julian’s and is a comfortable complex of academic buildings, apartments, beautiful greenhouses and swimming pool and playground for beach volleyball.

Education in Malta

The island of knights and legends for centuries under the former anyone yoke (Arabs, Romans, Knights of the Order, the French and finally the last 150 years under the British Empire), absorbed all the best from everyone, and became (in 1974) the Republic , introduced best education system.


Begins with three years. Seen optional, but has the broad support of parents and the government. Pre – school education is provided by public and Catholic schools. At the same time, Catholic schools choose students from enrollment in public schools on the basis of a lottery. The exception is the training of a Catholic school siblings: this preference in recruitment. There are private schools, along with state. Parents must apply for enrollment in private schools directly. Public schools are free, as well as Catholic. Training on the full program: 5 hours and 30 minutes a day. Schools open from 8 am to 2:30 pm.


Is provided for children from 6 to 14 years. In 1998 it became a member of the system of compulsory education from the age of five. Provided by public, private and Catholic schools. Consists of two 3 year cycles. Enrollment at the place of residence. Education in public schools free of charge and so parents do not receive any other financial support. Beginning with the first cycle of primary education, learning English is a must.


Provides two levels of schools

Level 1

  • Junior Lyceum. Also called a grammar school. Admission to the examination basis. According to statistics, only 53% of primary school graduates successfully pass the entrance exam. Period of five full years of training.
  • Local high school. Designed for all not thus Junior lyceums. Education 5 years.
  • Local school for underachieving. Five of these schools and they are for all children, regardless of their residence. Enrollment is the nearest school to your home. The name speaks for itself.
  • Catholic and Independent (another name for a private education) schools. Program is a copy of the state five year program.

Level 2 – General / Academic, 2-year Higher Secondary School

The main suppliers of:

  • University Junior College – a direct route to the universities of Europe. Is part of the University of Malta.
  • Higher Secondary School. Is a continuation of a local high school where students are transferred – the repetition of secondary education (who could not immediately surrender) and teach advanced subjects. Only the best go to the University of Malta.
  • Professional Malta College of Arts, Science and Technology. One is for the whole of Malta. Children, after finishing high school junior can get professional skills areas: tourism, health and so on.


Provided only by the University of Malta, having a lot of branches, subsidiaries and representative offices. Education is strictly in English. For admission: the owners accepted a high school diploma. The law states that if your passport is sufficient for admission to universities in your country, it is sufficient for admission to the University of Malta! All (without exception), students learn for free.

Foreign universities in Malta recorded and open branches freely. These universities – are paid.