Australian Schools

Australia in recent decades become one of the leaders in the international education market. Study in Australia or on “green continent” has a lot of advantages: English as the official language, a high standard of living, all the year round to enjoy the delights of a warm climate. Therefore, in this country each year comes more than 160 thousand students from abroad.

Australian Schools

  • Today in Australia there are about 10 thousand schools, more than 300 public colleges and 40 universities, two of which are privately owned. All educational institutions – both public and private – are under the control of the Ministry of Education, respect international standards and ensure a high quality of training.
  • Schools in Australia trained more than 3 million students. Only in one New South Wales schools is 2200 students. Public schools (government schools) account for 71%, other – private (independent schools). By type of school they are divided into cooperative (co-educational), only for boys (boys schools) and for girls (girls schools). On average, the ratio of teachers and students is 1:15.

Depending on the state, the education system sometimes has some differences. On average, Australian children start school at age six. To 12 years, they are learning on the first (Primary school), and 16 – on the second (Junior secondary), and 18 – in the third (Senior secondary, 11-12 grades) secondary education. In general, it is designed for 12 years, which is why a high school diploma is not recognized as equivalent to the Australian.

At schools students are learning English, mathematics, social and natural sciences, the arts (including music, painting). In the upper grades range of subjects is restricted to a few, and the choice depends on the direction of the student. Schools pay much attention to sports and education of the individual.

Children who come to Australia from overseas may go to suitable boarding schools (boarding schools). The vast majority of foreign students choosing education in Australia is concentrated in the last two graduating classes (Year 11 and Year 12). Their goal – to get an Australian Certificate of Secondary Education (Higher School Certificate) and to go to university on the same basis.

Foreigners wishing to receive secondary education in Australia, must go through mediation educational agency to get in touch with the school,  send a certificate of assessment in the school, take a test of English language. The most prestigious schools (selective) sometimes also require passing tests in core subjects.