Secondary Education in China

The term primary education in China is 6 years. Chief among primary school take comprehensive six-year primary school with a full day of training. The training program included in China’s ideological and moral education, native language, politics, history, geography, physics, chemistry, biology, physical education, music, art, physiology and hygiene, job skills, etc.

The first nine years of education in China are compulsory. All children from the age of six should be in school. In areas where the majority are universal lower secondary education, children who have completed primary school, can no entrance exams to enroll in secondary school in the community. To enroll in the higher secondary school level, high school graduates higher level, must pass an entrance exam.

Secondary education in China (中等教育) consists of two stages (初中 and 高中), every three years. To add these items are foreign language, politics, geography, physics, chemistry, etc.

Secondary vocational education in China (中等 职业 技术 教育) provided vocational schools (中等 专业 学校), technical schools (技工 学校) and vocational schools (职业 学校. Education period of 2 to 4 years, in some specialties to 5 years (eg medicine). A set of subjects is entirely dependent on the chosen specialty – finance, medicine, agriculture, culinary arts, technology, tourism and so on. Upon completion, many graduates get jobs in distribution in different institutions, depending on the chosen specialty.

The system of vocational education in China are higher and secondary vocational schools, secondary technical schools, secondary schools vocational guidance, vocational training centers, schools, technical training for adults, and other similar institutions established power of the public. They are the highest, middle and primary level and are closely related to each other.