Professional Education in Spain


For students, goal-oriented activity and the possibility of receiving an application specialties, there is an opportunity to get a professional education. In Spain there is a four-stage structure of vocational education. Level 1 corresponds to the two high school (post-compulsory secondary education, at the age of 16 to 18 years), after it is issued a certificate of secondary education. In contrast to school, to college to study, not all subjects in full, and in particular those that are necessary for this specialty. A college student has the right to choose subjects – at least five in the last trimester. This is a preparatory level, which still does not give a professional certificate. At the 2nd level, you can learn from 18 years or after the 1st level in college or post-secondary school. In the first year at this level study four subjects in their chosen specialty. One of them at the end of the year must pass a qualifying exam.

In the second year is three items and, therefore, three exams. The results of these four exams diploma authorizing work on a specialty, but does not occupy managerial positions. Final exams at this level can be granted admission to the University on the first stage of higher education.

After that, the student can go to work, go on to college or enter the university.

At the 3rd level college study for one year. Here come the young people who want to grow up to managers and executives of the first link. At this level are also those who want to improve their skills or change career to the adjacent.

Level 4. After years of study is awarded a bachelor’s degree, which gives the right to hold mid-level positions or manage a small company. For example, a lawyer can open his office, and medical – treatment room.

With regard to employment, the students are allowed to work in Spain after the third level