Private language schools in UK

Private language schools

UK language schools offer courses to overseas students. The teachers of these schools – professionals, capable in the shortest possible time to ensure the best results, know how to arrange things so that students from around the world to find a common language, feel comfortable and calm – which, as you know, is very important for success in school. All English language schools have well equipped training centers, where at your disposal will and specialized literature, and audio-visual materials. Staff has experience working with foreign students and will do anything (including mandatory social program) so that you will never forget the days spent in the UK.

But above all, it is important that you are interested in. Language School UK were of high quality teaching. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you select only the language school, get accredited by the British Council. Accredited on the basis of strict criteria and a thorough inspection of the school have on their advertising material logo of the British Council.

In their pricing language school based on two factors: the number of students per class (Private lessons are much more expensive than studying in a group) and the number of hours a week.

The average cost of tuition is 100 – £ 200 a week. Subject to payment by spending a week reached about 280 pounds.

Language courses in public schools

State English language courses at universities and colleges are often located on campus or close to them. At some universities, summer, before the start of classes organized preparatory classes for any one (or more) subjects with language lessons. Of course, this is a great advantage – improve your English at your chosen university or college, because there is an opportunity to get acquainted with the city, where you will spend the next few years, and with the people. Language courses at universities and colleges must also be accredited by the British Council. Check whether the logo in its promotional materials.

In which region to choose a school?

Living in London and the south-east is more expensive than in other parts of the UK. In the capital, of course, lots of cultural and recreational attractions, but do not believe that a big city offers more opportunities to speak in English. To discover the beauty and diversity of the UK, it is not necessary to live in London or other big cities. Each region has its own unique atmosphere. Before deciding where you would like to learn, try to learn more about the UK.