Language Schools In Australia


Language centers in Australia offer a range of courses for various categories of students. Host institution, and teaching English to foreign students, are united in the association English Australia (old name – ELICOS). Standard General English (General English) provides 25 hours per week, five of which are allocated to the self-employed. As part of this basic course, students are trained and improve previously acquired language skills: learning to be fluent in English and take it by ear, to read and write. If you do not know English or know it is bad, this type of course you will need at least a few months.

There are English for Academic Purposes, EAP – “English for academic purposes.” So called language courses for admission to colleges and universities. The emphasis there is on the academic study of the vocabulary used in the classroom. It is assumed that the students of knowledge of English at intermediate level.

In the courses can prepare for exams (IELTS or TOEFL), and to study business English. Language courses typically for 5-40 weeks of training.

Language centers recommend that all students regardless of age, to be held in the first month of the Australian host family (host family). Offers single or double occupancy in a room with all the amenities and two-times (weekends – three times a day) diet. This is the cheapest option, moreover, it makes it easier to adapt to unusual lifestyle.

Prospective student chooses and pays for the course and the type of accommodation suits him. Then he gets a visa and fly to Australia. Education for some types of courses assumes command of English at some level.