Greek education system

The Greek education system consists of three levels-levels: Beginner, intermediate and advanced cycles of education.
The initial cycle of education is generally divided into two stages:

1. Preschool education – kindergarten;
2. Compulsory primary education – elementary school.
Average cycle also presented in two stages:

1. Compulsory basic secondary education – school;
2. After finishing high school, students can continue their studies in vocational and technical schools, or to obtain a certificate of secondary education at the Lyceum.
Higher cycle divided into:

1. University education
2. Higher Technical Education – Higher Institute of Technology and the Institute of Higher Education.
3. Master’s,
4. Graduate school
5. Doctorate
In 1997, UNESCO adopted the international classification of levels of educational systems:

• Level 0 – Προσχολική Εκπαίδευση (early childhood education)
• Level 1 – Πρωτοβάθμια Εκπαίδευση (primary school)
• Level 2 – Κατώτερη Δευτεροβάθμια Εκπαίδευση (high school)
• Level 3 – Ανώτερη Δευτεροβάθμια Εκπαίδευση (upper secondary)
• Level 4 – Μεταδευτεροβάθμια, μη πανεπιστημιακή Εκπαίδευση (vocational)
• Level 5 – Πανεπιστημιακή Εκπαίδευση (university)
• Level 6 – Μεταπτυχιακές Σπουδές (Postgraduate)