Education in Switzerland


Most Swiss private schools appeared twentieth century, and many of them were created based on the ideas of famous teachers – J. Pestalozzi M.Montessori, R. Steiner. Advanced pedagogy, comprehensive care for children, and even healing alpine air and the natural conditions in a position to recovery and quenched, and the terms are “elitist” Swiss school.

Swiss school programs not less rich educational material than the British. But the children here are different: instead of the iron discipline and “character education” – personal development and creativity plus “a taste of freedom.” It is quite comfortable living: most Swiss boarding school like a first class resort. How to write speech

In Switzerland, there are five types of programs Matura Matura. Each study includes 13-15 compulsory subjects and three languages. And besides, in the schools curriculum teaches German Abitur, French Baccalaureat, Italian Maturita, a program of the American High School High School, the British A-level. And, of course, the program International Baccalaureate (IB), the creation of which the Swiss took a very active part. Most schools also organize summer and sometimes winter holiday programs.

Swiss school like no other, give students the opportunity to learn several foreign languages. After all, Switzerland – a multilingual country, and most of its inhabitants has at least three official languages ​​(French, German, Italian), plus English.

And children are waiting for the mandatory sports (including skiing), walks, trips to the country and to neighboring countries and a variety of creative activities ..

Any of the certificates issued in Switzerland, is valid for admission to most of the European and American universities, not to mention the most Swiss universities.