Education in Malaysia

Study in Malaysia – it is an unforgettable experience, with all the happy and difficult moments of student life in a foreign country. Being a student is not always sweet, especially in Malaysia, due to the hot and humid climate and high standards for learning, but that feeling quickly disappears and you start to feel at home. You get used to the climate and happy about the presence of rain and air conditioners.

Advantages of studying in Malaysia are as follows:

– A high standard of living;
– Rates available for training and the relatively small cost of living;
– Politically balanced Muslim country and a safe place of residence;
– Favorable weather conditions

Education received in Malaysia, can be attributed to the following areas:

– Language courses
– Secondary education.
– Higher and post-graduate education (post-graduate).
– Vocational education and training.

There are certain twinning programs which from beginning to end are in the universities of Malaysia, without going to the country of location of the main school. This program is designated as 3 +0, which means three years of training in Malaysia, after which the student is awarded a bachelor’s degree (Bachelors’ Degree), selected Western University. The award is issued by the university in the western headquarters.

Also, there is a translation program (Transfer Program) from the following countries – Great Britain, Switzerland, Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand. These programs are referred to as 2 +1 or 1 +2, which means 2 years in Malaysia and one year in the chosen country, or 1 year in Malaysia and 2 years in the selected country.

We will provide individual attention and professional advice on all aspects of education in Malaysia at the choice of institution and course of study, will inform about the order of admission, visa, as well as the choice of housing and health insurance.

We will help you choose a program that meets the needs, goals, finances, and time.

Our goal is not only to identify the child in school, but also to provide the necessary support at the time of its adaptation and the stay abroad.

The proposed program

Foreign languages:

– Intensive language courses for children and adults year-round
– Examination Courses to obtain international certificates of TOEFL, IELTS
– Business English
– Learn French, German, Italian, Chinese

Secondary education in Malaysia:

Training program for entry to universities in different countries: A – level, Pre-University, Foundation, Diploma

Higher Education in Malaysia:

Obtaining degrees: Bachelor, Master, Master

Studying in Malaysia by Western programs, you can save a few times, still get the same quality of education and the same degree, if it were at the head of educational institutions.