Deutsche Sprachprüfung für den Hochschulzugang (DSH)

German language exam for admission to universities.

In order to enable you to study at a German university, you usually need a confirmation of the exam DSH. DSH consists of a written and oral exam. The written portion of the exam covers the areas of language, such as listening, reading comprehension, short essay, and the understanding and treatment of scientific and linguistic structures. Despite the fact that each university independently of their assignments for the exam, they are guided with accepted standards for the whole of Germany.

Exam can only be in one of the universities. Most often, he held a few weeks before the semester starts. DSH is considered passed if both parts of the exam you are properly made at least two-thirds of all jobs.

At the end of the exam score is not assigned. Universities offer training courses, which are, if possible, you should visit, because you can re-take the DSH once. Part in the exam, usually free, but it is sometimes necessary to make a small charge.

The exam DSH

Exam DSH (Deutsche Sprachprufung fur den Hochschulzugang) is required if you are applying to one of the universities in Germany. It includes two parts: written and oral. The written examination is held before oral. To fulfill the written part is permitted, as a rule, use the dictionary.

What is included in the written part of the exam DSH?

1. Understanding and analysis audiotexts

You must confirm the understanding of scientific lectures and essays, as well as their ability to take notes (taken by ear). Audiotexts includes 50-100 lines. Before operation, you will be advised of his subjects. After that, the text is read aloud one or two times. You may continue to make notes.

You will then be given an assignment, which may differ in different universities. This can be the answers to the questions on the text, or the transfer of meaning of the text, or part (paraphrase). In assessing the knowledge and more attention is paid to the content of the, not grammar.

2. Understanding and analysis of printed text

Checks the ability to understand written text in German. You must perform the task in formulating their own phrase, you can not rewrite the text of a paragraph. You will be offered a volume of 30-60 unadapted text strings, which may be accompanied by a drawing or chart.

Different variants of tasks:
• answers to questions about the text;
• comments on the passages of text;
• summarize and break up text into meaningful parts, etc.

And in this task a priority substantial part, not grammatically correct.

3. Drafting as criteria

In this part of the test must show the ability to independently formulate in writing a coherent detailed text on the given criteria. As the input data can be provided to you abstracts, summaries, diagrams or illustrations.

Different types of tasks:
• Explanation of the original thesis;
• commenting theses;
• a written thesis proposed development, etc.

Along with the substantive part (connectivity text, etc.) is estimated grammatical correctness.

4. Understanding and analysis of the structures of the scientific language

In this part of the exam to answer the questions aimed at understanding, as well as addition and reformulation of linguistic structures that are often used in the scientific lexicon.

These four areas can occur in different combinations, so that the written exam DSH may consist of two, three or four parts. But, in any case, the exam covers all of these areas. Understanding the examination and analysis of the text does not provide for special skills.

That includes an oral part of the exam DSH?

Typically, DSH includes the oral part, which takes about 20 minutes. Sometimes an oral examination is not carried out, if the possession of the German spoken applicant has confirmed in preparatory courses before exams DSH DSH anticipating or oral examination. Therefore it is better to clarify the procedure for the examination at the university where you plan to do.

During the oral part of the exam DSH You must show the ability to converse in German, to discuss issues from the scientific sphere. During the oral exam tests the following qualities: an understanding of the essence of and commentary. Also, check how you can respond appropriately in a conversation on the topic specifically studied in the university.

Often for the oral part of the exam, use the short text, illustrations, etc. Topics – from the scientific sphere. Oral examination may also be conducted without a basic written text.

Before the beginning of the oral examination, usually given time to prepare – about 20 minutes. During this time it is necessary to analyze the core content and to think in advance the possible questions on the text. Also worth thinking about his own position on the issues raised in the text.

Some German universities oral part of the examination is also carried DSH group, or with two or three competitors at once.

Exam Policies DSH operate throughout Germany. But since universities organize their own exam, there may be differences in the assignments. So you should ask in the selected sample of university examination tasks. DSH, which was commissioned as part of the regulations, generally recognized by all universities in Germany.

Who can take part in the exam DSH?

Prerequisite for participation in DSH in most universities is the admission to higher education. Participation in training courses is not a prerequisite.

How are the knowledge to pass the exam DSH?

DSH exam does not include estimates. The result can only be – “delivered” or “not passed” in this assessment can be set separately. Exam passed if both its parts (written and verbal) you have made a total of not less than two-thirds of jobs. Otherwise, the test is not valid. According to the results of the exam DSH certificate is issued.

Where can I take the exam DSH?

DSH exam for rent for 3-4 weeks before the start of each semester at universities in Germany. The specific date of the examination establishes the university. In the educational institution where you are applying, you must provide the date of the next exam.

If you do not pass the exam DSH, many universities you will need to submit an application to study at the preparatory courses. At other universities you will automatically be given the right to participate in this course, if you took part in that institution in the DSH and do not pass it.

How much does the exam DSH?

Many universities participated in the exam fee. Some universities, however, charge a fee of between 130 and 150 Euro.

Is it possible to re-exam DSH?

You can retake the exam DSH once. In exceptional cases, with the permission of the Chairman Examination Committee, allowed second Retake. Are regarded as all attempts to pass the exam, including other universities. Currently DSH Retake possible not less than 3 months.