DELE – Diplomas de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera

DELE developed in 1988 by the Cervantes Institute and the University of g.Salamanka together with the Ministry of Education of Spain. DELE – the only recognized in the world of official document proving ownership of the Spanish language. Each stage of any level DELE evaluated in Apto (put) – No Apto (not delivered).

International exams in Spanish in Spain have a common name DELE (Diploma de Espanol como Lengua Extranjera). Certificates presented below examinations of official recognition Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture of Spain. They are also approved by the Government of Spain and recognized in almost all the countries, governments, employers and various educational institutions. These certifications allow us not only to confirm their knowledge of the Spanish language, but also provide the opportunity to receive grants to study abroad at universities in Europe, Asia and the USA. International exams in Spanish DELE certificates include three levels:


Initial Certificate in Spanish CIE confirms of Spanish at the elementary level. This international exam is the only officially recognized by the examination of Spanish as a foreign language at this level. CIE certificate recognized by various educational institutions, the Chamber of Commerce and other organizations at the international level.


International exam in Spanish DBE performed at an average level and evaluates the possession of various language skills, including grammar and vocabulary. DBE international exam recognized by various educational institutions, Chamber of Commerce and other organizations at the international level.


International exam in Spanish DSE conducted at an advanced level and evaluates the possession of various language skills at a professional level. Exam DSE – the only officially recognized international examination of Spanish as a foreign language at this level. DSE International Certificate recognized by various educational institutions, Chamber of Commerce and other organizations at the international level.

Each stage DELE consists of 5 parts:

1. Reading;
2. the letter;
3. listening comprehension;
4. grammar and vocabulary;
5. spoken language.

Exam DELE (CIE) lasts 3 hours. Tests the ability to understand speech and explained in everyday life. Test DELE (DBE) lasts 3.5 hours. Free communication skill is checked on various topics. DELE test can be taken at 16. Exam DELE (DSE) lasts 4 hours. Checked not only of Spanish at a high level in a variety of circumstances, but also an understanding of cultural traditions.

Exam D.E.L.E. provided by two organizations: the responsibility for the development of materials examination, evaluation and certification of the results lies with the University of Salamanca (Universidad de Salamanca), and for the organization of examinations – the Cervantes Institute (Instituto Cervantes). Cervantes Institute was founded in 1991 by the Spanish Government in order to spread the Spanish language and culture around the world. University of Salamanca – … one of the founders of the Association of Language Examiners in Europe (ALTE).

Certificates D.E.L.E. divided into the following levels: Nivel Inicial (B1 corresponds to the scale of the Council of Europe), Nivel Intermedio (level B2) and Nivel Superior (level C2)

In order to pass the exam DELE, should:

1. Being a citizen of a country where Spanish is not the state;
2. Be over 16 years old, if you want to register for the exam at the highest level (DELE Superior)
3. Register and pay the fee in one of the examination centers.

To register, please fill in the registration form, a copy of the passport or other document, which shows the name, nationality, date and place of birth and a photograph, to provide proof of payment.

After submission of the documents, you will receive a copy of the registration form and an individual identification number. Later, you will receive a formal invitation, which will specify the exact date and time when you need to appear for the exam.

On the day of the exam you have to come with this invitation and with the same identity document with which you were registered. Registration should take about 2 months before the exam date. A month before the exam registration is terminated. Exams are usually held in May and November.

The examination results are published in the University of Salamanca within 60 days of receipt of the test examination centers. After that, the Cervantes Institute will send you information about your results. Address, which will be specified in the letter, you can send a written appeal if you disagree with the assessment set by examiners.

Diplomas approved by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Sports of Spain. The approval process may take several weeks. As soon as the test center received diplomas from the ministry, he will send it to you at the address you specified in the registration form.