Collegium Civitas

Collegium Civitas – University in the heart of the Polish capital

If you are interested in the social sciences, care about the quality of education received, seriously think about your future career and life plans, then this offer is for you! Sollegium Sivitas offers world-class training and obtaining a bachelor’s or master’s degree in International Relations and Political Science.

Collegium Civitas founded in 1997 on the scientific basis of five Scientific-Research Institute of the Polish Academy of Sciences. The training programs are written according to the latest approaches to the requirements of higher education. This Interdisciplinarity education, a relationship of teacher and student, the possibility of one or more semesters at foreign universities, practices in international institutions, and research work under the guidance of renowned scholars.

We are proud to say that was the Collegium Civitas University XXI century. If you received a bachelor’s degree (or equivalent) in any field and want to get a Master’s degree in International Relations and Political Science, goes to the Collegium Civitas in the two-year MA program in International Relations or a two-year MA program in Political Science. If you do not enter a university or elsewhere have not yet received the degree of BA, and want to study at the Faculty of International Relations and Political Science, come to us for a 3-year program of BA Political Science or 3-year BA program in International Relations. speech writing Entering the Collegium Civitas, you get the following benefits to the professional growth and future career, education and world-class diploma, recognized throughout Europe and around the world, the opportunity to learn from the best experts, attend lectures and participate in seminars renowned professors from Europe, USA and Canada, improve language skills, earn a BA in Collegium Civitas and go to England or other English-speaking countries to obtain the degree of MA, trained in international companies, to learn to share in foreign universities, and all this at a reasonable cost and the opportunity to get to know the tradition of friendly and hospitable people.