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Several rules of speech writing.
Rule №1.
To know the exact purpose of the performance. Identify  the target audience, its characteristics and preferences. For example, gender, age, income, education, etc.

Rule №2.
You need to know what goals audience pursue, what interesting information they can gather from your speeches. What do audience expect from your online speech?
Rule №3.
Sketch a short plan of speech. Highlight the main points that need to cover in your speech.

Rule №4.
Include in the text of the speech examples from literature, history, you can also add a few examples from your  personal life. Also suitable quotes, jokes, etc.
Rule №5.
To attract and retain the attention of listeners, it is necessary to demonstrate the performance, in addition to any images, graphics, charts. Because listeners can not only listen but also watch. So, you must add then when writing a speech.

Rule  №6.
Compose it so that the basic, key points repeated. For example, states the same fact or idea in different words.

Rule  №7.
The beginning and the end of the online speech should be “spectacular” .
Rule № 8.
It should not be prolonged.

Rule  №9.
Compose it so that at the time it lasted no more than 20 minutes. This time will be sufficient to present the highlights and goals of your speech.

Rule №10.
The final part of speech, it is necessary to summarize and repeat key points. If it is rather difficult for you, you may use speech help.

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